Areas of Concentration

Areas of Concentration

In Family Medicine, there are multiple disciplines in which additional or specialized education can be obtained depending on the individual interests and career goals of a resident.  There are several specialty disciplines that have become established, specific tracks known as “Areas of Concentration” (AOCs).  Common AOCs include Women’s Health, Sports Medicine, Geriatrics, Dermatology, Academic Family Medicine, and Global Health.  Operational Medicine is a popular AOC that is specific to the military.  This will allow residents with special interests in these areas to individualize their educational experience. There will likely be additional AOCs in the future.  At least 2 months or 200 hours of training is required in the AOC, above and beyond the RRC requirements.  Additional requirements for the AOCs are outlined in the Resident Handbook.  Other AOCs exist, and, if a resident has a specific idea for an AOC, that idea can be submitted for consideration.


Womens’s Health

This AOC will allow a resident to gain valuable experience in a broad range of women’s health issues.  These skills help promote continuity of care and a family-centered model of care by being able to deliver and care for patients at all stages of life.

This AOC can range from a more in depth knowledge base and procedural base in gynecology to a more obstetrical concentration.  Credentialing in multiple procedures including c-sections, tubal ligations, and operative deliveries are often obtained.  Some residents choose to apply to a Family Medicine OB fellowship after residency.  It is recommended that this AOC be selected if fellowship training is desired.



This AOC will allow a resident to gain valuable experience that will add to their abilities as a family medicine physician. This AOC will also be beneficial to those residents who are interested in pursuing a sports medicine fellowship upon completion of residency.

This AOC will allow a resident to learn valuable skills involving injury assessment, treatment, and return to play criteria.  The resident will also have opportunities to gain experience working with athletes, coaches, physical therapists, and athletic trainers.



The AOC in Geriatrics will provide valuable additional experience and expertise working with an elderly population. This AOC would be ideal for residents considering a fellowship in Geriatrics.



The AOC in dermatology will allow a resident to have a much more extensive skill set for diagnosing and treating dermatologic conditions generally referred out by primary care providers.


Academic Medicine

Some residents desire a career in academic medicine.  This AOC is designed to prepare residents for that role as an attending physician educator.  This AOC also focuses on research and leadership.



The Global Health AOC curriculum has been developed based on the concept that community medicine and local provision of care are inseparable from global health, particularly in areas where patient populations have limited resources, have a large immigrant base, and where global travel is a strong component of patients’ lives.  Global health education is an immense discipline encompassing many areas of medical and public health.  This AOC aims to prepare resident doctors to work in the field of their choice, whether this involves direct international patient care, public health, education, or community-based global health.  Resident physicians are trained in the broader concepts of global health including, but not limited to, basic public health concepts, global health policy, procedural skills useful in international patient care including bedside ultrasound, women’s and children’s health, infectious diseases prevalent in resource-limited areas, teaching skills and professional development. Residents will choose focuses within the global health curriculum and develop a unique set of goals based on their personal interests and career aspirations.


Operational Medicine

Operational medicine is unique to the military.  This AOC requires the 8 week course, Aerospace Medicine Primary Course (AMP), to be completed at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio.  This AOC has overlap with global health in its scope.  Some residents go on to complete a residency in Aerospace Medicine (FAM-RAM).  This AOC is for those interested in flight medicine and generally plan on making the military a lifetime career.  Great choice for those who want a career that a good mix between medicine and military.