Curriculum Summary

The residency clinic and offices are in a new building attached to the hospital. We offer a continuous three-year position with 10 positions per class. Two of the positions are dedicated for flight surgery assignments following residency. The focus of the residency is to produce family physicians who are well-trained in all aspects of family medicine, and to produce physicians who can contribute to the overall mission of the United States Air Force.

First Year

The internship is the seminal event in your medical education. We have a balanced schedule of rotations, both at Eglin and at our two affiliated hospitals, Fort Walton Beach Medical Center and Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital. The year is broken up into 12 4-week blocks with 4 flex weeks. Three blocks are in adult inpatient medicine, two blocks are in obstetrics, one block in inpatient pediatrics, two weeks are nursery at Eglin, two blocks are on general surgery/ambulatory procedures, and one block each on outpatient orthopedics and dermatology. Call is done on a night float basis and is split between covering obstetrics and other admissions. You average one weekend day of call per month when not on night float.


Rotation Blocks Total weeks 1 st year
Adult Inpatient 2.5 10
Adult Inpatient at Fort Walton Beach Med Center 0.5 2
OB 2 8 (2 weeks on OB night float)
Peds Inpatient at Sacred Heart 1 4
Newborn nursery / Eglin Inpatient Peds 1 4
Night float 1 4
General Surgery 1.5 6
Amulatory procedures 0.5 2
Oupatient Ortho 0.5 2
Outpatient Sports Medicine 0.5 2
Peds Outpatient Eglin Clinic 0.5 2
Neurology Clinic 0.5 2
Psychiatry Outpatient 0.5 2
Elective 0.5 2


Second Year

Second year continues with advancing responsibilities supervising medical students and interns. Again, the year is broken into 12 4-week blocks with 4 flex weeks. Three blocks are on inpatient medicine (1 at Fort Walton Beach Medical Center and 2 at Eglin), 2 blocks are on pediatrics – 1 outpatient at Eglin, 1 month in the pediatric ER at Sacred Heart, 1 (4 weeks) blocks are on gynecology, 1 block is in the emergency department, and 1 block each in outpatient neurology, ambulatory procedures, orthopedics. During your second year one week of paid CME is available, and there are 2 weeks of elective time. Call is done via a nightfloat system. You average one weekend call per month when not on nightfloat.


Rotation Blocks Total weeks 2nd year
Adult Inpatient at Eglin Hospital 1.5 6
Adult Inpatient at Fort Walton Beach Medical Center 1 4
Adult Intensive Care at Fort Walton Beach Medical Center 0.5 2
Gynecology 1 4
Peds Outpatient Eglin Clinic 0.5 2
Peds ER at Sacred Heart 1 4
Adult/Trauma ER at Sacred Heart 1 4
Ambulatory procedures 1 4
OB 1 4 (2 weeks on OB nightfloat)
Outpatient Ortho 0.5 2
Elective 1 4
Night float 1 4
Geriatrics 1 4
Cardiopulmonary 1 4


Third Year

The third year completes your development as a family physician. The focus of this year shifts to your outpatient continuity clinic, leading an inpatient team, and honing your procedural skills. The year includes 10 weeks of elective time and the opportunity for humanitarian missions to underdeveloped countries. Additionally, you will attend the Combat Casualty Care Course (C4) in San Antonio Texas. Again, you are allowed one paid CME trip during the year. Two residents serve as chiefs for the year.


Rotation Blocks Total weeks 3rd year
Adult Inpatient Medicine 1.5 6
Night Float 0.75 3
Peds Outpatient Eglin Clinic 0.5 2
OB 0.5 2 (possibly 1 week on OB nightfloat)
Ambulatory procedures 1 4
Urology 0.5 2
ENT 0.5 2
Ophthalmology 0.5 2
Psych outpatient 0.5 2
Community/Operational Medicine 0.5 2
Dermatology 1 4
Sports Medicine 1 4
Group Practice Management 1 4
Elective 2.75 11
C4 (ATLS) 0.5 2 (8 day course, official TDY)

We offer opportunities for training in a wide variety of procedures, from vaginal deliveries to vasectomies. A sampling follows…

– Vaginal and assisted vaginal deliveries
– Endoscopy (colonoscopy, and EGD)
– Graded exercise testing (treadmills)
– Vasectomy
– Colposcopy, LEEP
– Dermatological procedures
– Neonatal circumcision
– Uncomplicated fracture management and casting
– Joint injection/aspiration